Ellen Jones

The pain in my back and hips were extreme, and I was desperate an alternative to surgery.  Dr. Hillary Rutledge adjusted my back and sciatica twice a week- it relieved the pain and for the first time I was able to move freely, and felt normal in all ways. I have encouraged friends to see Dr. Hilary for all aliments.  It took awhile but my husband couldn’t argue with my success- he see’s Dr. Hillary now, too!

– Ellen Jones

I sought treatment for pain in my neck.  The treatments relieved the pain and made life great! IMG_4772I am able to move more freely and probably contributed to my better golf game.  I have referred people to ChiroCynergy and will continue to do so.

– Marge Keeley

Donna Coulson

When I moved to Leland in 2013, I had a recurrent problem with tendinitis in my foot. I’m a walker and a corporate trainer so I live on my feet! My podiatrist sold me an orthodic for my sneakers and dress shoes and recommended I wear compression socks or knee highs for my work. This didn’t get at the source of my foot pain and he wouldn’t sign off on PT.  When sitting in Dr. Bradshaw’s office, I read about ART (Active Release Technique) and asked if that would work on my foot.

ART manipulation and laser treatment resolved the foot pain and with treatments once or twice a month with follow up care. It took year to resolve 2 years of ongoing pain and giving up my long-distance walking. My foot is pretty much pain free.  I am back to my volksmarching or long distance walking—our walks our 10 KM or 6.2 miles and they are doable for me.  I’d certainly recommend ART to neighbors or friends with chronic pain spots.

– Donna Coulson

IMG_4816I have back and neck problems with reoccurring pain.  These problems are always better after treatment with Dr. Hilary, and for a few days after.  I am now stronger and better able to walk.  I have also referred people to this practice!

– Max Williams


Dianna Conaty

I was in terrible back pain and could not sleep for six days.  My husband (a client of Dr. Hillary’s) got me an appointment.  I felt immediate relief after Dr. Hillary worked on my back and left buttocks and I finally slept.  I followed all of Dr. Hillary’s directions.  Dr. Hillary’s continued work on my back pain has made it possible for me to clean, do chores, and actually sleep well with much less pain!  I would refer people to her anytime!

– Dianna Conaty


Dorothy Dryps

Dryps_DorothyAs a retired art teacher and exhibiting potter, I have a lifetime of bad working posture. So I recently developed a back and shoulder problem. Dr. Hilary Rutledge not only relieved the pain in my shoulders and back; she has instructed me towards helping myself with exercises to strengthen my spine and stretches to keep me flexible. She always has time to listen and fully explains what is happening to your body and her procedures. So I feel blessed that with her help, I can continue to enjoy my creative pursuits without pain!

Dorothy Dryps

Janet Sponsler

Sponsler_JanetI have been experiencing back, neck, shoulder and knee problems for many years due to a physical back problem. I have had several doctors for treatment; however, until I came to Dr. Rutledge, I had never been free from pain. Dr. Rutledge diagnosed my problems and worked hard on them. My pain is minimal and occasional, only when I overdo things or get too physical. I would recommend Dr. Rutledge to anyone who has a problem of a muscular or skeletal nature. Her office staff is always cheerful and happy to help in anyway with therapy that may be needed. Thanks, Dr. Rutledge and staff!

Janet Sponsler


Lisa Hoffacker

Hoffacker_LisaAfter running the Battleship Half Marathon, I developed IT band syndrome in my left knee. This injury is normally curable with cortisone injections at the orthopedist. I had 3 shots, physical therapy and tried several anti-inflammatory drugs all with no results. Dr. Bradshaw took a different approach. He used Active Release Technique (ART) and cold laser therapy. Within 3-4 treatments, I was running 2 miles again. I am currently running 4-5 miles with NO pain in my IT band at all. I am grateful to have met Dr. Bradshaw and recommend him to any athlete that is suffering from an injury and is at a dead end at the orthopedics. He got me up and running – and for a runner who can’t run … that’s priceless.

Lisa Hoffacker

Graphic designer, age 40

Mary Cruz Castro

CastroCruz_MaryDr. Bradshaw and his staff have been the most impressive medical experience we have ever had. They are unlike any other medical staff we have interacted with in the past. When I came to his office with significant back pain and sciatica that was affecting all aspects of my life, I was depressed about my only option being surgery. However after a few treatments on the decompression table , I didn’t need to use the painkillers and muscle relaxants. I could go shopping without having to stop several different times to sit down. I am now able to attend to family, its traditions and events, and all the good times that comes with being with family. Thank you, Dr. Bradshaw for giving me my life back! I will never forget you.

Mary Cruz Castro

Stay-at-home mom, age 44

Jeannie Skane

Skane_JeannieYou have shown extraordinary concern for my health over the past 3 years. Under your skilled care, I’m experiencing less pain than I had in years. I do not have to live with regular headaches and joint pain anymore. The adjustments and ART remove the built-up tension and stiffness resulting from working at my computer, overworking in my fitness regimen and past injuries. You have also taught me ways to take care of myself outside of your office so that I can participate in my own healing. That is very empowering! Thank you to you and your friendly and professional staff for the wonderful service.

Jeannie Skane

Administration, age 39