Kathy Sherwood

I sought out treatment due to flare up of old injuries in my knees and lower back.  The adjustments saved my back, stiff neck and knee stability.  I also thought I had sciatica and could not ride in a car for a long rides.  With treatment and exercise I am just fine.  The deep massage and heat treatment increased the blood flow and loosened my muscles which is very important at my age and level of activity.  The massage therapy has kept my muscles loose to avoid injury.  I continue to play tennis nearly every day without injury and I have avoided surgery!!  I have recommended ChiroCynergy to other tennis players and will continue to do so.

Deborah Durkee

I have chronic neck and back pain due to an extra vertebra in my neck.  It continuously gets better treatments.   I came originally because my neck was so bad I was sick with the pain and it was keeping me from attending parties.  I haven’t had that happen again since treatment with Dr. Hilary. he treatments keeps it from getting real bad. If I meet anyone with chronic pain problems I will recommend them to Dr. Hilary.

David Christensen

I sought out ChiroCynergy because I had pain down the back of both of my legs.  The pain was gone by my 3rd treatment.  Now I just have a monthly ‘tune up’ and I have stayed out of trouble.   I have referred 3 friends to ChrioCynergy.

Christine Gillis

I sought out ChrioCynergy due to a shoulder injury.  The treatment helped, and has me feeling much better, and I am able to avoid surgery.  I can do many more activities then before.  I would recommend ChiroCynergy.

Barbra Boland

I sought treatment at ChiroCynergy for a pinched nerve in my neck, pain down my left arm and middle to left side of my back.  The treatment relieved the pain and numbness in my arm.  I could then resume normal activities.  I will be recommending people to ChiroCynergy.

Mary Lou Cosme

I am suffering from pain in my lower back and it was effecting my walking, and I also had herniated discs, and sciatica problems.  The treatment were very helpful and I felt taller and was in less pain.  I am able to walk more now and get adjustments every now and then.  Dr. Bradshaw is amazing at what he does and I would recommend him.  Thank you!

Walt Horning

I sought out ChrioCynergy for adjustments and pain relief.  Over time the treatment resulted in a significant improvement. It improved my attitude as well.  I will be recommending ChiroCynergy to others.

Janice Duncan

I sought treatment of my back and Sciatica.  The treatment and services helped and were wonderful!  It has kept me mostly out of pain!  I will be referring people to ChrioCynergy!

Ellen Jones

The pain in my back and hips were extreme, and I was desperate an alternative to surgery.  Dr. Hillary Rutledge adjusted my back and sciatica twice a week- it relieved the pain and for the first time I was able to move freely, and felt normal in all ways. I have encouraged friends to see Dr. Hilary for all aliments.  It took awhile but my husband couldn’t argue with my success- he see’s Dr. Hillary now, too!

Donna Coulson

When I moved to Leland in 2013, I had a recurrent problem with tendinitis in my foot. I’m a walker and a corporate trainer so I live on my feet! My podiatrist sold me an orthodic for my sneakers and dress shoes and recommended I wear compression socks or knee highs for my work. This didn’t get at the source of my foot pain and he wouldn’t sign off on PT.  When sitting in Dr. Bradshaw’s office, I read about ART (Active Release Technique) and asked if that would work on my foot.

ART manipulation and laser treatment resolved the foot pain and with treatments once or twice a month with follow up care. It took year to resolve 2 years of ongoing pain and giving up my long-distance walking. My foot is pretty much pain free.  I am back to my volksmarching or long distance walking—our walks our 10 KM or 6.2 miles and they are doable for me.  I’d certainly recommend ART to neighbors or friends with chronic pain spots.