Dianna Conaty

I was in terrible back pain and could not sleep for six days.  My husband (a client of Dr. Hillary’s) got me an appointment.  I felt immediate relief after Dr. Hillary worked on my back and left buttocks and I finally slept.  I followed all of Dr. Hillary’s directions.  Dr. Hillary’s continued work on my back pain has made it possible for me to clean, do chores, and actually sleep well with much less pain!  I would refer people to her anytime!

Tony Wicker

I came in to see Dr. Hilary because my right arm hurt from my elbow down and it got to the point that I couldn’t even hold a toothbrush. I talked to someone I work with that had surgery to repair the same problem, but I decided to give chiropractic treatments a try. I saw Dr. Hilary for six weeks and SHE FIXED MY PROBLEM! And here I am, writing this testimonial without any pain in my arm at all. No need for surgery – and so I thank Dr. Hilary for saving me a lot of money and getting me out of pain naturally. I LOST NO TIME AT WORK and I didn’t have to be cut on and the best part? That was over a year ago and my pain has not returned. I can’t thank her enough!

Amy Kleva

Dr. Hilary has been not only a wonderful chiropractor, but also a full-body wellness coach for me. She is knowledgeable about body structure and the connectedness of it all – and thoroughly explains how everything works all together. I feel that I can go to her with any questions and, if she cannot give me an immediate answer, she will research it to give me one. Thanks, Dr. R, for being a friend and body-know-it-all!

Tracy Schnappinger

I was getting chiropractic help in Florida before I relocated to Southport. I was looking for a doctor who practiced similarly to the doc I saw in Florida. I heard great things about Dr. Hilary and I gave her a try. My first visit was great! She really took the time to learn my background regarding my different symptoms. I always leave the office feeling 100%. I have neck and shoulder problems due to my occupation and back pain due to a herniated disc … and I see Dr. Hilary to keep me feeling good and to avoid surgery. I recommend anyone seeking chiropractic care to see her. I do not find treatment with Dr. Hilary to be painful. Her treatment is more than just adjustments and cracking bones … it’s about healing and natural ways to take care of the body. Thanks all to you, Doc. You are the best!

Jeannie Skane

You have shown extraordinary concern for my health over the past 3 years. Under your skilled care, I’m experiencing less pain than I had in years. I do not have to live with regular headaches and joint pain anymore. The adjustments and ART remove the built-up tension and stiffness resulting from working at my computer, overworking in my fitness regimen and past injuries. You have also taught me ways to take care of myself outside of your office so that I can participate in my own healing. That is very empowering! Thank you to you and your friendly and professional staff for the wonderful service.

Vivian Fugee

For over 30 years, I had suffered chronic knee pain. I read about Dr. Bradshaw’s knee pain treatments in a newspaper article. I desperately wanted to do anything except have knee surgery. I have to say that after just one treatment, the knee felt better than it had in years. The pain continued to decrease with Active Release Therapy and cold laser treatments. By my third week of treatment, I had no pain whatsoever! Before meeting Dr. Bradshaw, I could not get out of bed without limping to the shower. Now I literally jump out of bed. Dr. Bradshaw’s program is fantastic and I recommend it to all knee pain sufferers.

Gordon Humphries

I was in a bad accident that totaled my vehicle. I was having neck pain and could barely get out of bed. Within four weeks of chiropractic adjustments and decompression treatments with Dr. Bradshaw, I was back in the gym and on the golf course without pain. Dr. Bradshaw is the best Chiropractor I’ve ever seen.

Emilio Munoz

Back pain, leg pain, knee pain … and I was looking at surgery as my only option. After 20 treatments with Dr. Bradshaw, my back pain is 90% gone … I can’t believe how much better I feel!

William Cropp

After 5 weeks of treatment, I stand up straight again and can walk without shooting pain down my leg. Now I can take care of my ailing wife at home without pain again or worrying whether someone else would have to take care of her. I am 83 years old and I couldn’t be happier with the results of your program. God Bless you, Dr. Bradshaw.

Steve Baldwin

After 13 months of pain, suffering, and restless nights (not to mention exhausted days where I felt like a “zombie”), I was introduced to Dr. Matthew Bradshaw at the Leland Health Center. With a combination of his A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) , cold laser therapy, and spinal decompression, I am again able to rest peacefully through the night and feel awake and alive the next day. My neurologist recommended surgery for my bulging disc after the steroid injections failed. Dr. Bradshaw’s treatment plan has done a great job of rebuilding my damaged muscles. The very first night after receiving therapy, I was able to sleep better. Within a week, I had stopped taking the painkillers I had been taking. I would suggest speaking to Dr. Bradshaw if you also suffer from neck pain and disc bulges in your spine – especially if the doctors are saying, “Your last option is surgery.” My only regret is that I wished I’d known Dr. Bradshaw prior to all the other treatments I’ve been through. Thanks again Dr. B!