Denise Wicker

“I came to see Dr. Hilary complaining of neck pain and jaw pain as well as headaches and couldn’t turn my neck/head to one side at all. She did some interesting muscle techniques, which were simple, to determine exactly what the problem was. No one has ever done that to me and I have seen many chiropractors over the ears. I was even considering going to an orthopedist to consider surgery because the pain was so bad. But she made a few adjustments to my neck and then did some fantastic stretching techniques inside my mouth on the muscles that control my jaw and instantly I felt relief! The muscles in my face, head, and neck just let go of all the tension I was holding there. My headache was gone and I could turn my neck all the way without pain. I had been dealing with this for almost 15 years and after 1 treatment, MY PAIN WAS GONE. Thanks Dr. Hilary … I think you’re a miracle worker!”

Max Williams

I have back and neck problems with reoccurring pain.  These problems are always better after treatment with Dr. Hilary, and for a few days after.  I am now stronger and better able to walk.  I have also referred people to this practice!

Jenelle Erickson

“I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain for many years. I was hit with a baseball bat in full swing in gym class in fifth grade. Finding Dr. Hilary Rutledge was one of the best days of my life.

Dr. Hilary can pinpoint my pain and she will then find a way to relieve it. When I leave her office, I always feel so good – like I’ve been given a new lease on life. Under Dr. Hilary’s care, I can function well and actually enjoy my life again. Thank you Dr. Hilary, for doing what you do so well!”

Pat Kelly

While at work I moved the wrong way. It nauseated me and stairs were impossible. After seeing Dr. Hilary for chiropractic and cold laser therapy treatments, I feel better than I have in many years. Thank you, Dr. Hilary and staff!

Rob Harris

“Take the thing you love to do the most, having done it all your life, and then take it away completely. That’s what surfing was for me. And I couldn’t do it. A surfing injury to my back and leg kept me on the beach while my friends and family rode waves. But I read about ART and Dr. Bradshaw’s treatment program online and within about a month, I was back on my board riding. Wow … to go from “no more surfing forever” to surfing again every weekend is so awesome. I’m trying to talk my wife into naming our 1st child after Dr. B.”

Carlos Sanchez

I had been suffering with sciatica pain for years. I had done everything known to man and nothing gave me permanent relief. Then I ran across Dr. Bradshaw on the internet and it was the best thing I ever did. After his program, I can stand all day at work as a school teacher without pain … it’s a miracle.

Dennis Wagner

I was having severe back pain after not taking care of myself. I did physical therapy and took medications that weren’t helping me. I came to Dr. B’s office and wow, am I glad! My back pain is gone and I feel like a new person.

Joe Schroeder

A few months ago, I could hardly walk due to back and leg pain and was going to retire … but that was two and a half months ago. I went through Dr. Bradshaw’s back pain program and I feel great and I’m back to my business! I can’t thank Dr. Bradshaw enough.

Mary Benoit

I’m 48 years old. It is so great not to be going for a pain pill, especially after taking 8-10 a day for almost a year!” What can I say that hasn’t all be said before? I can now bend over to pick an article off the floor … NO PAIN!! I can walk straight without losing my balance … NO PAIN!! My hands and feet and the tip of my nose have always been freezing cold, my husband doesn’t mind me snuggling now … WOW!! I get out of bed in the mornings and m legs aren’t killing me and neither is my back. So great not to be going for a pain, pill especially not depending on them is a miracle for me. Since I started the program I had my son’s wedding to attend and or course over did … without pain. I think after being told that I was a strong candidate for surgery from two surgeons, I am glad that I really took my time deciding what to do for truly didn’t want to have surgery. As the saying goes “The teacher appears when student is ready”… Just about the same period I saw this hour program on TV and for several weeks I kept seeing Dr. Bradshaw’s article in the newspaper about a procedure that used spinal decompression. I didn’t know if that was an answer to my prayers and I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to just talk to Dr. Bradshaw … I could always say “NO”… How glad I was that I didn’t say that nasty word “NO”. It has been a month since my last treatment and tomorrow I will see Dr. Bradshaw for my follow up. I was so impressed how very professional Dr. Bradshaw and his staff were, how gracious and supporting and so How do I say?.. Just plain NICE. So Dr. and your wonderful staff … I do appreciate and thank every one of you for being God’s Angels.

Brad Hodges

Before seeing Dr. Bradshaw, I couldn’t waterski or do the things I really loved. Using decompression to gently stretch my injured disc, now I can sit at work without any pain and I can do all the things I love, like water skiing and kayaking. I can’t thank him enough.