Carol Pendergrast

It is thanks to Dr. Bradshaw that I’m still able to dance!  Other chiropractors and orthopedists had not been able to solve my painful knee problem.  What it was did not show on x-rays.  I had to use a cane for walking and could not walk for very long without having to sit down.
Thanks to Dr. Bradshaw’s special ART techniques, he was able to find the cause of the problem and to do adjustments to keep my knee in alignment.  I seldom have knee pain now; and whenever I do, Dr. Bradshaw is able to remedy it.

Audrey Hammond

Dr. Bradshaw is fantastic! As ICU RN working during the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Bradshaw. Thankfully, ChiroCynergy safely stayed open while other body care workers were unable to see patients during various stages of closures. Through his Active Release Technique, he releases the stress induced tightness that tends to accumulate in my neck and shoulders. Thank you, Dr. Bradshaw!

Jennifer Parker

I am a nurse who has had her share of injuries both on and off the job. I have had Chiropractic treatment in the past but never before have I met such a knowledgeable and caring Practitioner. Over the past 7 years my injuries included a fall resulting in facial fractures in 2017, a frozen shoulder in 2011 from pulling a patient up in bed, a couple of minor car accidents causing whiplash as well as a diagnosis of Osteopenia and Scoliosis. 

I started to see Dr King in April 2020. Chiropractic visits were initially 3 x week. Her wholistic approach included Activator treatments, manual realigning of my occipital bones and jaw as well as light therapy and ice to my head and back. Treatments to my face have reduced ongoing facial neuropathy and amazingly returned my sense of taste and smell after a couple of visits.

I am now follow a monthly maintenance program with Activator adjustments in the office and home exercises and orthotics that have afforded me better range of motion and reduction in pain. When a flare up occurs I can usually get a same day appointment. I am so grateful to Dr King for her professional expertise, gentle pain free adjustments and her kind and caring approach! 

Mary Dowd

Dr. Bradshaw is amazing! I came to see him after being involved in a car accident. My neck, shoulders, back and hips were very affected and painful and stiff. Every time I saw him, he helped me tremendously. I felt better after each treatment. He also encouraged me to add exercises to help stretch and/or strengthen all the muscles that were hurt. He included videos to help ensure I was doing the exercises correctly. He is always helpful and answers all of my questions. His office staff is wonderful too!

Mary Ellen Bell

Dr. Bradshaw does more than adjust, he also loosens and stretches muscles so the adjustment holds and you leave feeling good. I have seen a chiropractor regularly for many years. It is something I need to do to stay pain free. I have been able to avoid seroius pain issues with regular visits. Thank you!

Shelby Hanson

After months of physical therapy that was not helping me return to Golf & Tennis, a friend recommended Dr Bradshaw and Voila’! My active life returned! I had stopped all activities for months because of my scoliosis and was miserable until I underwent decompression and Chiropractic adjustments. I am still amazed that just a few adjustments can make all the difference. Dr Bradshaw is now my first line of defense for any aches and pains that occur outside of my original issue.

Alease Register

I have been going to Dr Bradshaw for many years now. I have had very bad back issues for about 45 years because of scoliosis. I have gone to a lot of different chiropractors throughout the years and nobody really made a difference or helped me until I started going to Dr Bradshaw who was recommended to me by my medical physician who said she never recommended anyone unless she knew that they were really good for her patients. So then I started going to him about 10 years ago, and he has made a huge difference for me not having to deal with constant pain from the scoliosis. His procedures are so much better and productive than any chiropractors that I had gone to for several years before I met him. It is so obvious that he is completely familiar with pain that you experience and knows how to treat it to take the pain away. Each time that I leave his office I feel so wonderful and don’t feel any pain which makes me feel happy and thankful that he is there for me. I would recommend everyone that has any pain or joint issues to go to Dr Bradshaw. He also fixed my left foot when I thought it was broken. He adjusted it back into place and the pain went totally away. He is amazing and I am so thankful that I found such a wonderful chiropractor!

Lore Delaire

Dr Bradshaw has been the only medical provider to relieve my neck and shoulder pain following surgeries for both. I had a failed labrum repair of my shoulder and ended up with frozen shoulder and loss of range of motion. He has helped me regain some motion with his stretches and treatment. I see him 2-3 times per month because his care gives me a break from my chronic pain where cortisone injections and nerve blocks have failed. I recommend Dr Bradshaw to anyone! I even sent new Leland resident as well as my brother to Dr. Bradshaw. He is the best!