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I have been going to Dr Bradshaw for many years now. I have had very bad back issues for about 45 years because of scoliosis. I have gone to a lot of different chiropractors throughout the years and nobody really made a difference or helped me until I started going to Dr Bradshaw who was recommended to me by my medical physician who said she never recommended anyone unless she knew that they were really good for her patients. So then I started going to him about 10 years ago, and he has made a huge difference for me not having to deal with constant pain from the scoliosis. His procedures are so much better and productive than any chiropractors that I had gone to for several years before I met him. It is so obvious that he is completely familiar with pain that you experience and knows how to treat it to take the pain away. Each time that I leave his office I feel so wonderful and don’t feel any pain which makes me feel happy and thankful that he is there for me. I would recommend everyone that has any pain or joint issues to go to Dr Bradshaw. He also fixed my left foot when I thought it was broken. He adjusted it back into place and the pain went totally away. He is amazing and I am so thankful that I found such a wonderful chiropractor!