Jennifer Parker

I am a nurse who has had her share of injuries both on and off the job. I have had Chiropractic treatment in the past but never before have I met such a knowledgeable and caring Practitioner. Over the past 7 years my injuries included a fall resulting in facial fractures in 2017, a frozen shoulder in 2011 from pulling a patient up in bed, a couple of minor car accidents causing whiplash as well as a diagnosis of Osteopenia and Scoliosis. 

I started to see Dr King in April 2020. Chiropractic visits were initially 3 x week. Her wholistic approach included Activator treatments, manual realigning of my occipital bones and jaw as well as light therapy and ice to my head and back. Treatments to my face have reduced ongoing facial neuropathy and amazingly returned my sense of taste and smell after a couple of visits.

I am now follow a monthly maintenance program with Activator adjustments in the office and home exercises and orthotics that have afforded me better range of motion and reduction in pain. When a flare up occurs I can usually get a same day appointment. I am so grateful to Dr King for her professional expertise, gentle pain free adjustments and her kind and caring approach!