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Mary Benoit

Benoit_MaryI’m 48 years old. It is so great not to be going for a pain pill, especially after taking 8-10 a day for almost a year!” What can I say that hasn’t all be said before? I can now bend over to pick an article off the floor … NO PAIN!! I can walk straight without losing my balance … NO PAIN!! My hands and feet and the tip of my nose have always been freezing cold, my husband doesn’t mind me snuggling now … WOW!! I get out of bed in the mornings and m legs aren’t killing me and neither is my back. So great not to be going for a pain, pill especially not depending on them is a miracle for me. Since I started the program I had my son’s wedding to attend and or course over did … without pain. I think after being told that I was a strong candidate for surgery from two surgeons, I am glad that I really took my time deciding what to do for truly didn’t want to have surgery. As the saying goes “The teacher appears when student is ready”… Just about the same period I saw this hour program on TV and for several weeks I kept seeing Dr. Bradshaw’s article in the newspaper about a procedure that used spinal decompression. I didn’t know if that was an answer to my prayers and I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to just talk to Dr. Bradshaw … I could always say “NO”… How glad I was that I didn’t say that nasty word “NO”. It has been a month since my last treatment and tomorrow I will see Dr. Bradshaw for my follow up. I was so impressed how very professional Dr. Bradshaw and his staff were, how gracious and supporting and so How do I say?.. Just plain NICE. So Dr. and your wonderful staff … I do appreciate and thank every one of you for being God’s Angels.

Mary Bennoit

Costco Worker, Age 48

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