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Denise Wicker

Wicker_Denise“I came to see Dr. Hilary complaining of neck pain and jaw pain as well as headaches and couldn’t turn my neck/head to one side at all. She did some interesting muscle techniques, which were simple, to determine exactly what the problem was. No one has ever done that to me and I have seen many chiropractors over the ears. I was even considering going to an orthopedist to consider surgery because the pain was so bad. But she made a few adjustments to my neck and then did some fantastic stretching techniques inside my mouth on the muscles that control my jaw and instantly I felt relief! The muscles in my face, head, and neck just let go of all the tension I was holding there. My headache was gone and I could turn my neck all the way without pain. I had been dealing with this for almost 15 years and after 1 treatment, MY PAIN WAS GONE. Thanks Dr. Hilary … I think you’re a miracle worker!”

Denise Wicker

Dental Hygienist, Age 43

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