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Donna Coulson

When I moved to Leland in 2013, I had a recurrent problem with tendinitis in my foot. I’m a walker and a corporate trainer so I live on my feet! My podiatrist sold me an orthodic for my sneakers and dress shoes and recommended I wear compression socks or knee highs for my work. This didn’t get at the source of my foot pain and he wouldn’t sign off on PT.  When sitting in Dr. Bradshaw’s office, I read about ART (Active Release Technique) and asked if that would work on my foot.

ART manipulation and laser treatment resolved the foot pain and with treatments once or twice a month with follow up care. It took year to resolve 2 years of ongoing pain and giving up my long-distance walking. My foot is pretty much pain free.  I am back to my volksmarching or long distance walking—our walks our 10 KM or 6.2 miles and they are doable for me.  I’d certainly recommend ART to neighbors or friends with chronic pain spots.

– Donna Coulson

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