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Lisa Hoffacker

Hoffacker_LisaAfter running the Battleship Half Marathon, I developed IT band syndrome in my left knee. This injury is normally curable with cortisone injections at the orthopedist. I had 3 shots, physical therapy and tried several anti-inflammatory drugs all with no results. Dr. Bradshaw took a different approach. He used Active Release Technique (ART) and cold laser therapy. Within 3-4 treatments, I was running 2 miles again. I am currently running 4-5 miles with NO pain in my IT band at all. I am grateful to have met Dr. Bradshaw and recommend him to any athlete that is suffering from an injury and is at a dead end at the orthopedics. He got me up and running – and for a runner who can’t run … that’s priceless.

Lisa Hoffacker

Graphic designer, age 40

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