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Steve Baldwin

Baldwin_SteveAfter 13 months of pain, suffering, and restless nights (not to mention exhausted days where I felt like a “zombie”), I was introduced to Dr. Matthew Bradshaw at the Leland Health Center. With a combination of his A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) , cold laser therapy, and spinal decompression, I am again able to rest peacefully through the night and feel awake and alive the next day. My neurologist recommended surgery for my bulging disc after the steroid injections failed. Dr. Bradshaw’s treatment plan has done a great job of rebuilding my damaged muscles. The very first night after receiving therapy, I was able to sleep better. Within a week, I had stopped taking the painkillers I had been taking. I would suggest speaking to Dr. Bradshaw if you also suffer from neck pain and disc bulges in your spine – especially if the doctors are saying, “Your last option is surgery.” My only regret is that I wished I’d known Dr. Bradshaw prior to all the other treatments I’ve been through. Thanks again Dr. B!

Steve Baldwin

Military Supervisor, Age 45

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