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Tracy Schnappinger

I was getting chiropractic help in Florida before I relocated to Southport. I was looking for a doctor who practiced similarly to the doc I saw in Florida. I heard great things about Dr. Hilary and I gave her a try. My first visit was great! She really took the time to learn my background regarding my different symptoms. I always leave the office feeling 100%. I have neck and shoulder problems due to my occupation and back pain due to a herniated disc … and I see Dr. Hilary to keep me feeling good and to avoid surgery. I recommend anyone seeking chiropractic care to see her. I do not find treatment with Dr. Hilary to be painful. Her treatment is more than just adjustments and cracking bones … it’s about healing and natural ways to take care of the body. Thanks all to you, Doc. You are the best!

Tracy Schnappinger

Hairstylist, age 42

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